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At Smokavana, we promote safe smoking. We strive to provide alternatives to real smokes. You can consume Nicotine through e-cig devices instead of cigarettes. Unlike a nicotine patch or gum, vaping works better as a smoking cessation device. The vapor gives a smoke-like sensation and efficient nicotine delivery. These devices are perfect for people who want to quit all kinds of smoking, including cigarettes and hookah. Freebase Nicotine is the chemical in its purest form. This is the same type of nicotine is available in traditional tobacco products like nicotine lozenges, patches, and also gum. Salt Nicotine (aka salt nic, or nic salts), has been extracted from a tobacco plant itself and is highly concentrated doses. We recommended that vape users try to match the nicotine dose from traditional cigarettes to the amount of nicotine in their juice. How many cigarettes, on average, do you smoke a day? This helps determine whether you need a high or low dose of nicotine to successfully kick your habit. Where and how do you want to use your vape?

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