Avoid Synthetic Marijuana

Recently in Ontario, police have reported overdose deaths caused by synthetic Marijuana. They have provided no insight into the source of this product, so this article will focus on the synthetic marjuana industry in general. In short, with Cannabis being legal in Canada, why bother with synthetic anything?

The substance was found in the waterloo region. Currently its unknown how many people have been affected by this specific batch of synthetic drugs. However, the city of Toronto and other areas in Canada have confirmed deaths from these types of products


At some point, some intelligent person figured out that THC was banned, but something looking like it isn’t. In short, the product started flooding smoke shops across north america because the legal system failed to keep up with it. The war on drugs was against Marijuana specifically and this product was ignored

It started innocently enough, mostly available in smoke shops and corner stores. It was hit or miss whether you would get high, since you had no idea what chemicals were actually being added to these products.

Somewhere along the line with products like these, someone got greedy and began spiking the Synthetic Cannabis with chemicals they probably thought were cheaper and more effective. Whatever their decision process, this product quickly became known for its tendency to cause serious repercussions including death.


That was the message provided by the Guelph Ontario police, referring to the pot-like substance they found. The particular product that they found looks, smells, and tastes like marijuana. However, this product contained carfentanil.

This drug is dangerous, causing harm if ingested, injected, or inhaled. This makes the drug easy to hide in various types of marijuana including edibles. Ut was designed as an opioid for large animals like elephants. It is over 10,000 times more toxic than morphine.


Why someone would sell this defies logic. In a legal environment like Canada, there is no need for you to ever purposely purchase Synthetic marijuana products. We recommend only purchasing from licensed distributors and dispensaries where the Marijuana can be clearly seen.

Ask questions from your distributor regarding the origin of their Marijuana. Always search for reputable distributors that are usually prominently located in your community with reviews online. And of course, only buy from distributors listed on cannabislistings.ca


We hope no one is scared by this story. Today in Canada, there is no reason for you to be consuming Synthetic products. If you see it being sold, avoid it. If you are trying to by flower, always purchase from reputable dispensaries and distributors like the federal government.

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