No More Dab Bars in Vancouver

Its official, the man is stomping out the remnants of the once thriving dab bar scene in Vancouver, British Columbia. In an effect to make way for big pharma and corporate interests, the BC government and its cities are wiping out the existing market to make way for the new legal wave of registered companies

There used to be a time when you could walk down to your favorite dispensary and chances are, they would have a nice dab bar setup where you could easily consume cannabis oil for an average of $5. Those days are halted at least for now


The thing is, Vancouver and BC and globally known for marijuana. That’s been the case long before legalization. A comparison to Amsterdam Holland is probably fair.

Behind the scenes, municipalities have recently waged wars on these existing dispensaries in an effort to shut them down. In fact, some of our most favorite and cherished dispensaries have been shuttered never to be seen again

The remaining dispensaries are fighting back. I mean, they make millions of Canadian Dollars so they have the lawyers. They are currently in an appeal process as of the creation of this article. The Vancouver and BC governments are strategically delaying fines on these hold outs until the conclusion of the appeal. We here are expect a huge foot is going to emerge from the sky and crush these small businesses. However, until then, they are racking up the sales with less competition around


Very fair question to ask seeing that its 100% legal. Well the government has a website where they say they sell weed. We have not purchased from them; however, their supply downfalls and low quality are public knowledge. This is your best resource today

There are legal dispensaries too. Medical patients can still access ACMPR  licensed dispensaries.


Well we fully expect big pharma to take root. Major companies are tooling up with new marketing teams and lots of buzz around Cannabis companies going public.

Eventually, Marijuana will be more accessible than it as have been before. Its hard to feel bad for the small multimillion dollar dispensaries. Its even harder to side with the multi billion dollar companies that will replace them. However, there is no stopping the future of Cannabis in Canada.

You should expect it to be as available as Alcohol, if not more available seeing that its possible to consume in so many different ways. Not to mention the obvious health benefits of Marijuana over Alcohol…end rant


Here at we are proud on the businesses in our emerging Cannabis market in Canada. We endeavor to be your resource for what’s happening in our industry across our great nation. You can expect us to keep you up to date on this news story as it unfolds.

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