Canadian Budtender Interview

In order to work as a cannabis budtender in Canada, most provinces require that you complete the Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) Certification Process. It may be called something different, e.g. in Ontario, it’s called CanSell. The body that issues the license is different depending on the province where you will be working.

You can apply for this license through the following options near you:

STEP 1: Acquire a Criminal Background Check

You will have to visit a police station in-person; online applications do not qualify. The cost of a police check is approximately $30.00 (depending on the province), and the process can take up to 3 weeks.

  • If you tell them it is needed for work reasons, they may rush it for you.
  • Police check must be less than three (3) months old.

So for example, in the province of Quebec, you will have to visit Sûreté du Québec to get your required criminal background check

STEP 2: Get A Retail License

You will need to acquire the cannabis retailer license that relates to your province. Note the list at the beginning of this article and proceed with the application process for the applicable regulatory body.

For example, to complete the AGLC Sell Safe program, do the following:

  • Online tutorials must be completed. The cost is $25.00 +GST and will require 3‐4 hours of online learning.

BC Provincial legislation requires all employees to have their Cannabis Worker Security Verification via worker qualification training and their Selling it Right Certificate. Security Verification may take 30 business days or more to complete.

Step 3: Learn About Being A Cannabis Budtender

Most cannabis retailers appreciate employees who already have a basic knowledge of the plant and its related products. An educational course at a location like at the THC Univsersity are not required but help your changes in the interview

Understanding the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid is a good start but it will only get you so far. Consider learning about popular strains and why they are popular e.g. high times magazine winner.

Understanding the various uses of cannabis is probably the most important knowledge to have. Many people use cannabis as medicine. Some use it solely for recreation. Both reasons are legal, so understanding how to satisfy these very different customer types is essential

Step 4: Submit Your Resume & Apply for Jobs

There are 2 popular ways we know of for getting a Budtender job in 2021

  1. Submit your resume and let companies contact you
  2. Actively apply for jobs from cannabis companies

Both options are available here on Government, Education, Medical, and public companies are looking for employees like you. Submit your resume today or search for jobs near you.

Step 5: Complete The Cannabis Budtender Interview Process

The interview process itself will very similar to the typical customer service experience. With the knowledge you learned in Step 3, you are able to make yourself stand out against the other applicants.

Understanding of store management would also be an asset. Opening and closing as well as inventory management. Any experience working with point of sale systems will also be an asset.

Top 10 Most Popular interview questions

We compiled a list of popular interview questions that you can expect to be asked during your next cannabis customer service interview. The list includes:

  1. What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa?
  2. Name 3 ways that you can consume cannabis.
  3. What is the legal age of consumption in our province?
  4. What would someone prefer a CBD product over THC?
  5. How much cannabis can you sell to a single person?
  6. How many plants is someone legally allowed to grow?
  7. Name 2 types of cannabis concentrate.
  8. What are terpenes and how do they relate to cannabis?
  9. Have you ever worked in this industry before?
  10. If someone has never tried cannabis before, what would you tell them?


Becoming a budtender in Canada is easy. In the legal Canadian world post-2018, you simply need to acquire the correct license and apply for cannabis jobs near you.

The most difficult aspect of the job search is the interview process. You will still need to convince a perspective employer, that you are a better choice than the other applicants. The best way we see to do this is by having a broad knowledge of cannabis.

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