Canadian Health Food Stores want piece of the CBD market

Who would have thought this would happen. The Canadian Health food association wants CBD products to be sold in Health Food stores across the country instead of only dispensaries. Yup you heard it right, they want to get in the action, right next to big pharma.

In the months immediately after legalization, we have seen a slow trickle of legal dispensaries being licensed across the country, as each province sees best. For many, buying weed from the government is their only option. Health Food stores would like to join the Cannabis supply chain by becoming a provider of CBD. Keep in mind that they cannot make any health claims regarding the product, seeing that there hasn’t been much research into CBD


CBD is derived from cannabis. Its the non psychedelic chemical that can help with a range of health issues including insomnia, pains, and anxiety.

You can smoke CBD, take it as a pill, or drops if you like. The difference is in the growth phase of the plant, it is bread to produce more of the CBD. It can then be processed into any form that marijuana is known to be available in. For example, we spoke about edibles in a recent article

Canadian Health Food Association

Dan Demers with the Canadian Health Food Association noted the following at a press conference

At the end of the day CBD is a natural health product., it should be regulated as a natural heath product and should be available to Canadians. Canadian industry, we should have the opportunity to create the products that Canadians want, to provide them to the Canadian market and to compete in the global market for CBD.

The argument is that customers would like to purchase Cannabis related products like CBD through locations other than dispensaries. We have seen this in other industries like the pet industry which are also heavily marketing and distributing CBD products.


Its a free for all market. Everyone wants in on the Canadian cannabis market. Snake oil salesmen, drug dealers, doctors, and the government. Everyone would like you to get your weed from them. There are still people in jail for cannabis related issues but that won’t stop corporations from getting in on the gravy train.

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