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Cannabis retailer denied in Niverville Manitoba

Cannabis may be legal across Canada; however, Manitoba has left it up to its municipalities to vote on distribution in their individual municipalities. For Niverville Manitoba, the answer is a strong NO, to the conditional use application from Canna Cabana at 349 Bronstone Drive which is an industrial area on the outskirts of town.


After announcing the communities it wished to place additional cannabis shops in, the province of Manitoba conducted a randomized draw to select pre-qualified retailers. Canna Cabana Inc was selected for Niverville. However, the residents and ultimately the mayor had something to say about this.

Following a town hall meeting held Tuesday night, Mayor Myron Dyck said council voted 3-2 to deny Canna Cabana’s application. Mayor Dyck said that he had the deciding vote to reject the application after the 2-2 split from other representatives. The mayor believes that there are strong feelings from residents pro and against. He believes that more education around the industry could be beneficial for residents


Weed is legal in Canada. However, today we see an example of how the experience will be very different from province to province. In the past, we have spoken about the rapid rate of growth for Cannabis stores in the Ontario market. However, this will not be the same for Manitoba. This was the second phase of licenses being issued, so there is progress happening in the province. However, its obvious that Manitoba will not be a front runner in the Canada’s goal of becoming the largest Cannabis economy in the world.

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