Cannabis Delivery Services in Canada

Delivery services are popping up throughout Canada. Once hidden in the shadows, this industry has grown dramatically since legalization. You can easily find a few in your area using a simple google search

With the legalization of Cannabis, comes the elimination of risk to transport small quantities. Canadians are taking advantage of this, sparking the rise of the delivery service. What that, you ran out of weed? You can call one of the many delivery services available in your area.

The Rise Of Cannabis Delivery

Who do you think is best positioned to takes advantage of an environment with legal cannabis delivery? Is it Uber eats, Skip the Dishes, Doordash, or something else? All of these companies have drivers ready to deliver food, drinks, etc to people. Cannabis comes in the form of food and drinks. These companies are still small today but they are poised to grow if the opportunity presents itself.

In the major cities of Canada like Toronto and Vancouver, these types of companies have existed for a while. They have been hiding and only known by select clientele. Today these services advertise boldly on popular cannabis directories, especially those based in the US.

As we spoke about recently, the illegal cannabis market is still doing well. In fact, legal cannabis companies are losing money. So this may explain some of the demand supporting the growth of this industry. In addition, the risk of being caught with cannabis has been eliminated, except for some personal quantity restrictions.

The Future of Delivery Services

We often get requests from delivery services to list in our directory. Originally, we didn’t offer a category for it on Cannabis Listings. The reason for this is simple, it’s against the rules in most provinces. Here is an excerpt from the BC government’s laws regarding cannabis delivery:

A licensee cannot operate a non-medical cannabis delivery service or enable one to be operated in association with their store. A licensee must not sell cannabis to someone who intends to deliver cannabis to another person for compensation

So that’s the black and white of it. If you are engaging with a delivery service in BC, it’s definitely illegal, and its probably only able to deliver weed from a nonlicensed dispensary. Unless a licensed dispensary is willing to risk their large profits to deliver weed to you.

However, we have learned that the HOBO Cannabis Company has been granted the ability to accept online orders and delivery within Ontario. They deliver from the closest location to the delivery address. Their ability to offer this service is limited to the province of Ontario.


These services may boom in other countries where the whole industry is semi or completely illegal. However, in Canada, our humble opinion is that their future depends on the province. Already we can see the ability for a company to be licensed in both British Columbia and Ontario but only have the ability to deliver within Ontario

We have written about how dispensaries are being shut down online and physical locations. They regularly get fined and sued by the municipal and federal governments. As illegal dispensaries and services die off, the demand for legitimate sources of cannabis will theoretically increase.

Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Do you use delivery services in Canada?

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