Canadian Domain Seized

Online Dispensary Websites Being Shutdown

Canadian based online dispensaries known as MOMs are being seized and shut down at an increasing rate. In reality, you can buy cannabis from your provincial government online legally. Legal online distribution outside of the provincial governments is rare. Distribution across provincial borders is even rarer. In fact, we don’t have any examples to share.

We have written about the shut down of marijuana dispensary locations in the Vancouver BC area. Once world-renowned for its plethora of dispensaries is now a shadow of its former self, after widespread shutdowns across the city. Now it seems the local city police departments across Canada are stepping up their enforcement to include online.

We noticed increased enforcement as we add and edit listings in our dispensary directory. We also noticed that the popular reddit channel for Mom’s has been shut down. After noticing yet another website seized, this time in Edmonton Alberta, we felt the need to share with our readers.

The Legality of Online Dispensaries

We wrote an article focused on licensed cannabis dispensaries. This information is pulled from the federal government website. Arguably, if a company is not on that list, it may not be operating legally. Note that there are provincial lists that have not been fully cross-checked like the Ontario Cannabis Store

To this day, you can get pulled over and fined for attempting to cross the Quebec – New Brunswick border with alcohol. Do you really think that weed can circumvent these long-standing rules between provinces? The idea that Cannabis can be shipped across borders defies long-standing controls between provincial borders.

Enforcement Activities

We are unsure how the advent of the Covid-19 global pandemic has affected the supply of Cannabis in Canada. Legal dispensaries have been given mixed messages across the country since provinces control their own list of businesses approved to be open during this time. With that said, we have seen online dispensaries continue to ship and non licensed physical locations continue to welcome customers.

We here at anticipate that some marijuana consumers in Canada will have to switch to purchasing from the government; however, many are continuing to get a steady supply via their long term sources.

In our previous article about the price of cannabis in Canada, we noticed that the illegal market has continued to boom since legalization. This is information gathered from the Canadian government website.


Enforcement of online dispensaries has stepped up. Your favorite MOM may not be in business for much longer. The idea that a dispensary is distributing across provincial lines should raise a red flag of concern for any consumer attempting to discern the line of legality.

Anyone can figure out that with a supply of Cannabis, a bank account, and a website, you can distribute Cannabis easily. The mailman won’t be calling the police in Canada anymore. Their profit is limited only by their supply and popularity. With that said, for those who are taking advantage of the new legal loopholes, it seems their days are numbered… bad boys, bad boys, coming for you…

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