Cannabis Tours in Canada

Canada has joined the ranks of countries that legalized marijuana which includes Uraguay and Canada. The cannabis industry has great potential yet to be explored.

Statistics Canada is indicating a $1 Billion CAD cannabis industry for 2019. The figures show just under $360 Million CAD between January and July. If you consider the legalization of edibles fully getting into swing in December and the Christmas season in general, you can see how we have extrapolated that number. Here are the numbers visually:

GeographyJanuary 2019February 2019March 2019April 2019May 2019June 2019July 2019
Canada (map)50,249,49850,741,96451,409,03951,470,79751,344,25751,296,38051,478,915

Industry Growth

Since the advent of the marijuana business, many new cannabis-related markets have emerged. We recently spoke about cannabis restaurants and beverage companies entering the market.

One of these markets is Cannabis Tourism. This is a relatively new and untapped market with only a few players in Canada. With the legalization of, consuming, selling, and growing marijuana you have the foundation of any Canadian marijuana tour. These tour companies now have a legal range of businesses to share with Canadian cannabis tourists and those generally curious about the changing business landscape

Thing is the tour sector, although new, has many obstacles. Specifically, there are rules against smoking in a vehicle with hefty fines for the driver, even if she isn’t consuming thc. We talked about the legal issues affecting the cannaibs delivery sector in a recent article. It’s clear to see that although cannabis may be legal to carry and consume in some cases, its still very illegal in others. So, we will start the list of cannabis related aspects to visit in Canada with protests like 420 Vancouver

Tour Companies

Search our directory for a complete list of cannabis tour companies in Canaada. Some of the major companies sorted out according to provinces are:

British Columbia



Canada High Tours

A crowdfunded business, Canada High Tours operates in the highest number of cities in Canada while most other companies only offer tours in a single city. Offering tours in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa, the company covers all the major cities in Canada. The company already operating in Canada, also operates in America and is currently working with potential hosts across the world to bring tourism to other regions such as South America, Australia, and Europe.

[email protected]

Canadian Kush Tours

As featured in High Times Magazine, MSN News, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and CTV News, Canadian Kush Tours offers exclusive tours in Toronto. Their unique selling point lies in the diverse arrangement of custom demands, which adds to customer satisfaction. Its target market is international tourists. It is one of the few cannabis tour companies in Canada that offer luxurious demands of the customers such as Limousine transport service. They are one of the leading tour companies operating in Toronto.

[email protected]

The Movement Cannabis Tours

On the more educational side, The Movement Cannabis Tours aims to teach 19+ Vancouver locals and other tourists about the history and use of marijuana. Termed as #1 Cannabis Tour Company in Vancouver, the company earns more of its profits from local tourists due to low-cost packages. As featured in the Business Insider, when the company was launched, it held free tours for a week to promote a strong customer base. The company provides one of the cheapest to the most luxurious packages earning itself a diverse customer base. The company reinvests 4.20% of the profit into global Cannabis legalization, the Cannabis industry and on research based on Cannabis.

They are passionately in this business as their website suggests:

“We love people. We love cannabis. It just made sense to bring them together.”

[email protected]

Canna Tours

Based in Victoria, B.C. Canna Tours host VIP nightclub parties with Cannabis products at disposal. The venture has seen a surge in bookings since it started. Its main focus is on arranging bachelor parties and music festivals. Other than that, customers are given a tour of the dispensaries.

We have a tour guide who will recommend restaurants, and we have partnerships with the nightlife industry in Victoria as well,” says Canna Tours founder Gavin Surerus.

[email protected]

Butiq Escapes

Whenever we talk about Canada’s most expensive and luxurious travel experiences, Butiq Escapes comes to mind. Butiq Escapes excel in providing high-end foreigners as well as Canadians the ultimate travel experience like never before. They have hosted some of the Fortune 500 CEOs as clients. Founded in 2014, the company has grown up to add luxury weed tourism to its list of services. It offers private jet transport with luxury car transport services upon landing.

[email protected]

Cannabis tourism is on the rise in the United States as well, this opens up opportunities for Canadian firms. The legalization of Cannabis in various states in the USA has opened the doors for these firms to benefit from. The legalization in US states would open up new horizons for these companies to expand and target. This would also prove to be a golden opportunity for investors to benefit from.


You can expect that this business category will get crowded very quickly within every major Canadian city. The necessary federal laws have been finally put in place to pave the way for weed tours to be a real business venture.

If you have experiences cannabis tours in Canada or know of any that we missed, let us know.

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