A premium online marijuana dispensary helping people revel and unwind. We designed our product for those who seek top shelf, hand-picked, lab-tested marijuana from master Licensed BC Growers.

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  2. We aim to approve all memberships within 30 minutes.
  3. Automatic membership upon any purchase

The Grass Life website delivers weed across Canada. Once you have received your delivery from Grass Life, consider leaving a review for the MOM today.

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6 thoughts on “GrassLife”

  • Place an order over $300 at the beginning of November. I was supposed to received a complimentary free 7g because I spent over 300. I sent the photo of my packing slip that shows it wasn’t accounted for during packaging. I’ve emailed GRASSLIFE 6 times and not one response. Being ignored was frustrating me. Now I’ve made it more towards telling everyone in every contact situation that every revolves around weed, to tell them NEVER BUY FROM GRASSLIFE. All you needed to do was reply. EPIC FAIL
    I’d give -1 stars if I thought anyone cared

    • Similar story happened to me. After 6 weeks they still have not replied to 7 emails. Last order was cancelled after payment for no reason and still no answer. Keep getting promo emails from them though.. can’t find phone number anywhere. Feels like a scam. Product I have received from them in the past seemed ok but nowhere near compliant with Canada regulations. Don’t bother with this company! They will get shut down eventually and they might take your money without sending you anything! Buyer beware

  • I’ve been with grass since on line ordering began. They have been processing my orders twice a month for many years and only twice my freebies have been incorrect. I sent an email to them and got a reply right away. They made it right in my next order. Grass is the best on line dispensary there is. I’ve tried others but am very happy with Grass. I recommend ordering through Grass.

  • I have used Grass for about 4 yrs with only one incident. I was frustrated by the lack of means to communicate with them as well, that is until I found their Instagram account. Complain there and you get an instant response. Seems like a moot point, since they seem to have disappeared completely.

  • Irene Pietrasik says:

    Is Grasslife still in operation???Cant find the site to make a purchase??? There a great company never an issue till now??


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