Medical Cannabis after Legalization

We are all waiting patiently to see how Canada takes advantage of this huge advantage, being the only advanced county with federal legalization. From our perspective, this should remove the popular excuse of not being able to research the drug based on government regulations.


We are getting reports that a few companies are actively performing clinical research with Cannabis in Canada. They are at various stages, some starting, others further along. This process takes time; however, they are getting funded and have been rolling out. We can expect to see breakthroughs from Canadian companies in the future.

Experion is an example of a local research company that’s participating in the Cannabis medical industry. As one of Canada’s first licensed distrubots, they currently sponsor of one of the first Phase II and III clinical research studies for post operative pain reduction .


Cannabidiol (CBD), the non psychoactive ingredient to marijuana, is typically used for medicinal purposes. You can expect a future where this drug is prescribed by your veterinarian as well as your family doctor. From children to the elderly can benefit from this component since there is no “high” feeling effects

This medicinal ingredient can be injected in various ways. Smoking isn’t a good idea for your pet or your child. CBD can be delivered as oils, cremes, and more. With a wide open market, we are expecting the market will continue to increase with options for consumers.


Now that Cannabis is legal in Canada, medical companies are taking advantage of the situation. They are actively launching studies that were restricted or difficult to fund in the past. Research is definitely happening in other countries; however, its realistic to think that the reduction of regulations will have the largest impact in Canada

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