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Ottawa Dispensaries

It’s easy to find Ottawa cannabis dispensaries in our cannabis directory. If you are looking for information on cannabis stores in the 613 area code, you are in the right place

The legal status for cannabis use in Canada has been great for the cannabis industry. But how is the cannabis experience for anyone that is in the Canadian capital of Ottawa Ontario? This article lists everything regarding cannabis in the 613 area code

The first thing you need to know is how the cannabis laws and guidelines are like in the capital. Although cannabis is legal in Canada for both medicinal and recreational use, each province implements the rules differently. Throughout Ontario, it is legal to grow, possess, purchase, and consume cannabis for those over the age of 19

Can I smoke cannabis in public in Ottawa?

The cannabis laws in Ottawa and Ontario, in general, are clear on where people are allowed to use cannabis. For example, you can consume cannabis in your private residence or open spaces such as designated smoking areas, anchored or parked boats, or vehicles with sleeping areas or cooking facilities. Pot can also be used in scientific facilities, but only if it is used for scientific testing purposes. Ultimately, cannabis can be smoked anywhere tobacco can be smoked except some exceptions

Places where smoking cannabis is not allowed in Ottawa

The law also states clearly that cannabis should not be consumed in public playgrounds or school grounds. It is also not allowed in indoor common areas such as school residences, or common areas in apartment blocks and hotels, among others. The law also prohibits cannabis consumption in vehicles or boats that are being driven. If it is in a vehicle, it must be sealed and not readily available to anyone in the vehicle. 

CBD laws in Ottawa 

CBD laws in Canada exist under cannabis laws, which means that CBD oils are also legal for purchase and use. According to Ottawa Public Health, prescription CBD is classified as a therapeutic treatment in Canada. Medical research has demonstrated that CBD can treat numerous health conditions or ease symptoms. 

Where to purchase cannabis and CBD oils in Ottawa

There is a variety of places where you can purchase cannabis and CBD oils. The first thing you need to know is that you can access cannabis and CBD oils from brick and mortar dispensaries and also from online dispensaries.

A range of stores distribute CBD oil. You are more likely to find it at a health store near you than a dispensary. This includes CBD for pets e.g. dog. CBD oil is readily accessible across Ottawa 

Are all dispensaries legal in Ottawa?

No. Only dispensaries that have been licensed to operate in the city by the Ontario government are legal. Any dispensary that operates without a license is illegal. Here is a list of cannabis stores that are distributed across Ottawa, from which you can purchase marijuana.

Where to purchase high-quality CBD oils in Ottawa

Some of the cannabis stores listed above also sell CBD oils. Here is a list of stores where you can access the product.

  • Hobo Ottawa, particularly its Hobo Cannabis store at 391 Bank Street. They open at 9 am and close at 11 pm daily.
  • Ontario cannabis store is a great option for anyone that wants to buy CBD oil from the comfort of their own homes since it is an online store. You can call the number 

1-888-910-0627 to place an order or visit their website at

  • Hybrid Pharm is one of Canada’s most trusted wellness store that sells CBD oils, thanks to its focus on upholding a very high level of quality for the product. It is located at 318 Richmond Road in Westboro.
  • Beard Brothers Collective is another store that provides high-quality cannabis and other cannabis products. Its store is located at 1-5350 Canotek Road, near Queensway.

Nearby cities where you can also purchase cannabis 

Although Ottawa is located in Ontario, it is centrally located near other major cities. Also, Canadian laws allow one to travel with a small amount of cannabis. If you want to purchase cannabis, you can travel to neighboring cities such as Gatineau Quebec, where it is also legal at SQDC stores. Note that traveling with cannabis is allowed, but consuming while traveling is not. Also note that once you cross the border to Quebec, the legal age changes to 21. With that said, in many cases, its easier to cross the bridge into Gatineau VS getting to one of the dispensaries within Ottawa.

Can I purchase cannabis or CBD online?

Yes, you can. As noted earlier, some dispensaries sell cannabis online in Ottawa, which means that your orders can be delivered at your doorstep. Some of them include the Ontario Cannabis Store.

CBD oil is not regulated for online delivery so you can find this through a range of retailers both in and out of the province of Ontario

Government statistics on cannabis

Ottawa has a public health website that provides a variety of data, including statistics on cannabis. For example, the website has a segment on which it provides statistics on cannabis and driving. According to the segment, 23% of drivers that use cannabis reported that they have driven within two hours after consuming cannabis. 84% of cannabis users believe that cannabis impairs one’s ability to operate a vehicle. The website also cites mental health problems as one of the negative effects of regularly consuming cannabis.

Cannabis Dispensary Jobs Near Ottawa Ontario

Ontario has the most cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Find a job at a dispensary near you today. Below we list the latest jobs from Ontario. To view all Ontario cannabis jobs, view our Canadian cannabis job board

Best Cannabis Dispensaries In Ottawa Ontario Canada

View our cannabis company directory map to see all dispensaries in the area. Below we list a few of the best dispensaries in Ottawa

Fire and Flower Cannabis Co
Dispensary129 York Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1N 5T4In the heart of Canada’s capital city, this Ottawa recreational cannabis retailer is situated on York S...Details
Dispensary1000 Wellington Street West Unit #101, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1Y 2X9Highest regards and warmest welcome to Tokyo Smoke 1000 Wellington. This wheelchair-accessible location h...Details
hobo dispensary
Dispensary121 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1N 5P9Hobo has rebranded as Dutch love. We're currently open only for delivery and pickup. Free same-day local ...Details
Superette Stores
Dispensary, Online Dispensary1306 wellington st, unit 100, Ottawa, ON, CanadaLicensed cannabis retailer in the Wellington area offering delivery within 20km of the store location and...Details

Popular Cannabis Companies Near Ottawa Ontario

Below we list popular cannabis dispensaries and related companies in Ontario. You can also view a map of all cannabis companies in Ontario Canada.

Dispensary198 Glenridge Avenue, St. Catharines, ON, CanadaNOT JUST ANOTHER CANNABIS STORE.We invite you to come by and see why our customers love shopping for Cann...Details
Dispensary560 West Street - Unit B, Brantford, ON, Canada, N3R 6M7Welcome to Tonik Cannabis! Voted best cannabis dispensary in Brantford! Tonik Cannabis is a local family-...Details
Dispensary, Edibles1383 Lawrence Ave West, North York, ON, CanadaPurple Moose in North York is your local and neighbourhood legal licensed retail cannabis dispensary. We ...Details
Dispensary5984 Bathurst Street, North York, ON, CanadaPurple Moose is your local neighbourhood cannabis dispensary in York. We are an Ontario licesed store tha...Details
Dispensary274 WILSON AVENUE , North York, ON, CanadaLooking for the best weed dispensary in Toronto? At Qunubu Cannabis, we offer a selection of high-quality...Details

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