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Several Canadian cannabis companies like, Medmen Enterprises(MMNFF) and Cronos (CRON), now trade on US stock exchanges, and some American companies are taking an interest. If you prefer to stay on this side of the border, VIRIDIUM PACIFIC GROUP LTD trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV: VIR) based in British Columbia with assets in agriculture, construction, and cannabis that are at the forefront of innovation in their respective markets.

Don’t miss the green wave. In this article we talk about the big Canadian companies that are involved and how you can join the party.


Weed has always been big business. Now with recreational legalization in Canada, the internals of this business are becoming more transparent. Now we can see how truly talented Drug King Pins were are managing this business back in their day. Today big pharma, the government, and corporate money runs things. That might not be much of a change depending on who you ask

Now you can get your stake in marijuana without worrying about the blood in blood out rules that seem to permeate most illegal organizations. With the stock market, you can simply buy as big of a chunk of that business as you can afford. Right now, the marijuana producers are the ones going public first


With the move for Canadian companies south of the border, they expose themselves to some arguably the biggest investment market in the world today.

Now you can buy into the Marijuana industry from the comfort of your couch. Consider trading on any of your favorite platforms. We personally recommend TradingView as the best stock market analysis tool for Canadians and others alike.


This is investing. Its technically educated gambling. There is no guarantee that the stock will go up because the business is doing good. There is no guarantee of the opposite either. There are multi-billiion dollar investment groups that say they are winners but in reality many are ponzi schemes or just plain lucky. Be smart when engaging in this activity. It can make you super rich or super depressed. Sometimes both

Unlike bitcoin and crypto currencies, the stock market is more mature with checks and balances to attempt regulating the market. That’s not to know cryto’s, we love them, especially Pot Coin. However, facts are facts, its theoretically safer to trade stocks although they can be just as volatile e.g. penny stocks


We hope you learnt a lot from this intro into Cannabis stock trading. Let us know in the comments, which stocks you currently hold or plan to buy in the Marijuana industry. Where do you do your market analysis?

As with all Investment articles, be sure to review our Risk Disclaimer

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