First Legal Weed Store in Prince George

As we noted in the Vancouver area, Cannabis dispensary licenses are slowly being issued in the province of BC. Prince George city council has approved six cannabis stores. However, after almost nine months after legalization, Grasshopper is the only one to open its doors and its located at 421 George Street 

The BC government of the Attorney General said there’s no “typical length of time and no way to predict how long an application will take. The approval process is designed to be rigorous and diligent, not quick.?

Legalization Journey

The owner Jeff said “I think because it’s so new it was a lot of people learning for the first time, from both our standpoint as business owners and the province in their actions and them creating processes and teaching their staff, then the city as well. It’s not one size fits all.” 

We are seeing this story over and over. Its taking a while for dispensaries to get up and running, even after being granted a license. In addition, many of the dispensaries we saw close right after legalization, are still not re-opened.


There is more relief for Prince George BC residents. They now have a real alternative to purchasing directly from the BC Government website.

Legalization in Canada has been an interesting road. The experience for consumers has been and will continue to be different per province. BC is known world wild for its BC Bud, however, its been outpaced by Ontario when it comes to legal licenses being issued, resulting in actual openings. Search here for open dispensary listings throughout Canada.

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