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The numbers are in. The elderly and ill are turning to CBD and other Cannabis related solutions for pain relief and improvement of life. In the US, most states have legalized medical marijuana at this point. Here in Canada, they just let the flood gates open. As we discussed in our Cannabis investment article, medical companies are finally able to fund and launch large research projects

All our lives, Marijuana was marketed to the western world as a gateway drug. Countries were forced to get on board or face sanctions from the world’s global morality dictator. Turns out that the reality is quite the contrary and the same governments that have jailed people (many still in prison to this day 2019) are now making Billions of dollars per year (pick a currency). This article is about the benefits we are finally able to realize for those who are stepping down from hard drugs. So lets look to the future and examine our options.


Vancouver Canada is world famous for is safe injection sites. As the warmest region in the second largest country in the world, this city is a magnet for the homeless who are often (not always) addicted to drugs. Every human that navigates this city for a few days will be face to face with mental illness and drug addiction. Its not avoidable if you walk the streets.

Hard narcotics have been the go to solution for north american doctors. Worse than a street level drug dealer, they were supposedly educated to know the destruction they were unleashing on society. The hypocritical oath of do no harm was out of the window once big pharma came in with the big dollars. To this day, pharmaceutical salesman is still one of the highest paid jobs someone can have on this planet. Lets face it, the damage is done, and we need a solution


I once went on a fishing trip with my boss. On the way back to shore, we started chatting with the captain. Somehow the conversation turned to how people who smoke marijuana were lazy, unmotivated, and unsuccessful. This was interesting news as my 30 year old boss at the time made $500,000 CAD per year and I made about $150,000 CAD. We were both high at the time. We were also both highly educated, employed, and simply nodded in approval of his comments, holding in the laughter at his audacity.

For years, we have all had to hide and validate our utilization of Cannabis. No More. Now we are learning that this can be a great alternative to hard narcotic drugs. It can also contribute to the a return to normal life.

Moreoever, there is no need to smoke it. You can consume Cannabis in various ways including food and CBD supplements. CBD the non psychedelic aspect of Cannabis has been proven to have healing powers. Also THC, can be used to help those on their recovery journey.

Cannabis is not chemically addictive. Its a healthy alternative to narcotics in many cases. Here are a list of issues, typically treated with dangerous narcotics, which could often be helped with Cannabis related products:


CBD has been shown to modify circuits in the brain related to drug addiction. In rats, CBD has been shown to reduce morphine dependence and heroin-seeking behavior (Trusted Source).

Cannabis is not chemically addictive. Many of the narcotics you are prescribed not just have step up instructions, but they may need additional drugs to get off. With Cannabis, it is so safe for you, that the Canadian government has legalized it. Need i say more on that topic?


The war on drugs unfairly included marijuana. We avoided digging into the politics of that. The goal of this article was to look forward to new horizons. The Canadian government has listened to the population and provided them with an opportunity to medicate with Cannabis.

If you or someone you know is faced with drug addiction or the option of hard narcotics, do them a favor and introduce them to marijuana. There has been no documented incidence of someone dying from the utilization of marijuana. If the idea of a no risk option sounds good to you, then this is your option

I am not a doctor. Medical publications have been linked here for your own reference. My goal here is to point you in the direction of a potential legal solution. You should consume Cannabis in line with the laws and regulation of the country you live in.

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