Green Rush: Introduction

This is a series dedicated to the emerging Cannabis industry in Canada. Much like how gold defined much of the evolution and migration to the west coast in the 1900, Cannabis is being seen as the next potential source of massive wealth. This series will cover the ups and downs. The scams and deals. The winners and losers.

Drug lords are well known for the money they made controlling and distributing marijuana. Now that it’s legal, its obvious that the Canadian government will become the new drug lord and will reap the benefits. The question is, how much money can you make in the market gaps that the government can’t or won’t capitalize.


Making money on Cannabis in Canada is not new. There are many online and physical dispensaries that have existed across this great nation for years. They have operated in a legal grey zone, where federally Marijuana was very much illegal, but provincially it was more tolerated in some areas. Much like the US system, here in Canada the Federal government depends on the provinces to help pay for the arrest and incarceration of drug offenders. Not all provinces found this an important use of their resources, giving rise to places like British Columbia which is now known globally for Cannabis

As the days went on, enough public arrests and seizures were carried out to keep the federal government on the good side with Washington during their war on drugs. To this day, many people remain on jail over drug offences from this era. If they are lucky enough to be free after servicing their time, their records still show them as committing a serious crime involving drugs. In Canada, this bars you from many things including the highest paid jobs.


Since 2018, Cannabis has been legal for recreational and medical use in Canada. We are the second country in the world to do so, after Uruguay. No its not Portugal or Holland regardless of what pop culture and the news may be telling you.

This new stance on weed has and will continue to have a major impact on Canadian society. Whereas in the past, police departments like the Toronto police, have traditionally used Cannabis as an excuse to unfairly target minorities. Now they will have to find another excuse since smoking marijuana is now legal anywhere smoking tobacco is (with a few provincial exceptions). So for example, as you walk the streets of Vancouver smoking your favorite strain, no police officer can harass you. A point easily looked over by my Canadian readers but i know anyone visiting will be shocked at this concept. Most places in america, as a minority, you would expect this to be a perfect excuse for a police officer to showcase their newest gun. However, here is Canada, the risk of this scenario is reduced because of legalized Cannabis use. Here we see minorities as some of the first winners in this new legalized market

The government is the new drug lord in town. Marijuana may seem legal and it is. However, there are many aspects of it that remain illegal in Canada. For example, you are only allowed to grow a maximum of 4 plants per household. Each province has its own rules that vary around, possession, growing, and other aspects. Many of the quizi legal dispensaries that used to exist have been closed by the government. The only place you can legally buy weed online in Canada, is from the government. Here we see some of the first losers in this new legal market.


Edibles are not legal in Canada as of the writing of this article. Supposedly, they will begin receiving their licenses during October 2019. We have spoken about big pharma getting in on the action in other articles. This year, the food and drink juggernauts will enter the market.

All Cannabis goes through the government today. If you want to buy it, you get it from them. If you want to sell it, you sell it to them. If you want to distribute it, you must buy it from them. There is no going to the grower directly. There will be no special strain that you alone can sell. This scenario leaves Cannabis as a commodity, with margins they are smaller than selling clothes. The government is the drug kingpin. They are going to make the lions share of profits on flower. If you have a problem with the new drug rules, then talk to them.

Tours, Restaurants, Lounges, Medicinal applications, etc are the future. The businesses around marijuana will be your only real way to get into the green rush legally. Here on we have bet on the future and often seek out relationships with companies like these. Many are still hiding in the shadows as the legal framework expands to include their activities.


The green rush is real. As with anything there are rules to the game. Some will be lucky. Many will learn the hard way. Here at, we hope to share some insight into the journey, so you can be better prepared. We understand that terms like cbd and thc are starting to reach you. We also understand that you are bombarded by stories on tv of those who jumped in on a trend early and made out like bandits. This trend is going no where, don’t be in such a hurry. Learn and then execute like a professional.

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