Cannabis Licenses being issued in Vancouver

While Marijuana may have been legal for almost a year now, there is still a shortage of dispensary options in British Columbia. The province known world wide for Cannabis has been quick to shut down the existing dispensaries and slow to license new ones.

Well there is some relief is in sight with the 6th dispensary being licensed for distribution in the Vancouver area. The following six locations are now licensed to operate a retail cannabis store in Vancouver BC:

To date, the City of Vancouver has received 37 applications for licenses. 26 of those have completed the public notification step and have been recommended to the province for approval. This is where the competition will start and hopefully prices will lower to be a lot closer what we see on the Government website.


The BC government has a few locations of their own that are planned. None will be located in major metropolitan or high population areas. This means that every new licensed distributor will be eagerly greeted by customers. Currently, buying weed from the government website is still the best solution for legal consumption by BC residents.

Remember that edibles will be legalized this fall. This includes drinks and food. At that point, who knows how the industry will evolve. Bars distribute alcohol today, even in a restrictive alcohol market like British Columbia, as compared to a very open market like Quebec. With that said, it’s hard to imagine a future where Cannabis is not widely available across Canada, exactly like alcohol today.


Compared to our earlier article of dispensary closings in the Vancouver BC area, things seem to be looking up. Residents of this area have been able to purchase from dispensaries for years. This was a very stark difference to the experience in other provinces up until legalization. From our dispensary listings, Ontario is leading the way in new dispensary licenses being issued.

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